Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

The reason for the great expansion of the use of genetically modified animals is the many economic and other benefits of using the new product. The benefits include:

  • Selling the new product to foreign nations that have not yet engineered Genetically Modified Organisms which raises the nations GDP.

  • Using the new genetically modified organisms to grow more of a product at a more cost efficient price. The less price of a product the more that will be produced, therefore causing an increase in products on the market.

  • The higher the yield a farmer gets a year at a lower initial seed cost, the likelier they are to sell on a down market therefore lowering the prices of those crops.

  • When using GMO’s in beef cattle, the cows are more likely to put on weight in a cost efficient time period

  • With all the cost efficient practices for farmers, their extra profits can lead to a jumpstart of the economy, with them buying more equipment and products.

  • Also along with the farmer’s profits, it will trickle down to the consumers. With the profit for farmer and the rising chance they will sell on a down market, the costs of products are likely to decrease therefore giving a cost break to a consumer buying the products.

Science, GMOs, and Food Security

In this video Dr. Nina Fedoroff, Science and Technology Advisor to the Secretary of State and USAID Administrator discusses the benefits of GMO's.